About me

Here at Lifeforce Locs I take pride in creating and maintaining, high quality crochet hooked dreadlocks.

Meet the Founder of Lifeforce locs & Dreadheadsnz

Hey, I'm Tulletha

Assuming you have been engaging with my work already (why else are you here right!?) I’ll keep this intro brief!

I’m a three time dreadhead! Three attempts to have the kind of dreads I most desire!

My dread journey started around 15 years ago, with perming solutions, (I cut that lot off!) my next head was wax and back combing but while travelling India (I brushed them out) and finally I stumbled on the crochet hook method 3 years ago and I haven’t turned back!

I am a self taught loctician, since Oct 2018, using the method of comb & hook, to create and maintain rad dreads!

I work to established a 90% loc using the comb & hook method, by creating solid and well formed dreadlocks, from the get go.

I’m also founder of Dreadheads NZ, Aotearoa’s online dreadlock supply store, stocking natural hair care and a range of dreadlock accessories to decorate and maintain your dreads.

I have spent many years in different industries, from outdoor education, adventure and travel. Hospo, Nature guide at a wildlife park, high rise window cleaner, massage therapist, yoga teacher, self development coach and online entrepreneur! #allthethings.

I currently work part-time in natural health as a holistic health practitioner outside of dread creating.

I’m a mum to 3 fur kids,  love the idea of going self sufficient off grid and am currently doing a bus conversion turning it into a tiny home!

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