Dreadlock After care

Firstly thanks for choosing me to create your dreadlocks, and start you on the dread journey. I appreciate your support as a small business it means a lot! 

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Dreadlock After care inscructions

Below are some instructions and video content to help support you with after care.


Avoid washing your hair for at least 3/4 weeks. A month is ideal BUT if you're struggling, 3 weeks is minimum. This is to give your dreads the best chance at forming without disruption. After the first wash I recommend a follow up appointment to check in on the attachments and tighten up and soft spots (roughly 6 weeks post creation) Use a sulphate-free shampoo. (Dreadlock shampoos are usually sulphate free.)

itchy scalp

IF you feel your scalp is dry or itchy you can spray minimal amounts of homemade botanical spray - try essential oil diluted and mixed with filtered water or colloidal silver (any of these oils will be a good fit - rosemary, lavender, tee tree, lemon, peppermint ) You could also add in a small amount of baking soda into the blend too! Ensure its on the scalp and not the dreads themselves. I also stock a great peppermint scalp spray in my shop - link is below.

home maintenance

Palm Roll your dreads weekly gently for the first month. (Check "how to" video below ) I also recommend Root rolling after every wash for the first 6 months. To avoid kinking as they are in the baby stages of formation, use soft hair ties. Wide and spongy ones are good, thin tight ones will cause friction and contribute to kinking and create soft spots


Avoid putting products in your hair! We don't want product build up, stuck in these beauties! IF you really need to use products please use alcohol-free hair products. I recommend natural oils like jojoba and coconut oil, or aloe vera plant to add moisture to the dread bodies and dreadlock specific nourishing sprays .

Dry your hair

It's important that after every wash your dreads are fully dry to avoid dampness building inside the dread, which will cause potential mold and rot.

Style , Maintenance , Hair care

Your dreads will shrink in length as they start to form, so don't worry if you notice this. Stretching dreads and regular maintenance will help ensure length remains. over the months they may also kink - this is why palm rolling and stretching are key to keeping them long and cylindrical. Ensure you palm roll after having your dreads tied up as that will help lesson soft spots and kinks.

Frequency of maintenance

I recommend coming in for a follow up apt, after your first wash, around 5/6 weeks, we can firm up any soft spots in the dread body. It's a good opportunity for me too to see how well my work has formed. The following schedule is what I recommend for maintenance of newly established dreads - Week 4/6 (Month 1) Month 3, Month 6, Month 9, Month 12. There after every 4/6 months or so as you choose. After a year your dreads should be very well formed, that's when I suggest you can start to spread out maintenance, or just get root maintenance, encouraging fast hair growth and keeping it all tidy up there! Avoid all hair dying and bleaching until at least 12 months of dread formation, the hair will be well established by then!


Keen on the diy maintenance bundle?

This bundle includes 22 videos to help you care for and self maintain your dreads. It’s great for you or a partner or friend who is keen to help you on the journey, or if you cant get to a loctician for whatever reason!

Learn how to use the hook, gain tips on hair care and more!

more of a visual learner?

Check out the videos below that demonstrate techniques and general dreadlock care.

Tips on washing dreads

How to dry dreads

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The Art of Palm Rolling

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