Dread creation

So you are keen on getting dreadlocks!? Excellent, you’ve come to the right place!

Below are some guidelines to give you an idea of creation time frames dependent on the length and type of hair.

Firstly, Have you got questions?!

There is great video content here on this website that covers MOST dreadlock questions check them out here

Failing that there may be answers on my Frequently asked questions page here

And a bunch of info on my blog too! Otherwise feel free to ask me anything I havent covered there in an email when you inquire 

Partial and Top knot creations

Top knots and Partials usually range between 10 – 18 or so dreads

The drullets/partials/top knots I have created range between 1 hour and 7 hour time frames, dependent on how silky / dry / course and long the hair is.

14 dreads - 5 hours (with ext'ns)

30 dreads - 7.5 hours (with ext'ns)

dreads with human
hair ext'ns

7.5 hours

dreads with human
hair ext'ns

Full head creations

Full head creations usually range between 8 – 15 hours depending on length and ease of dreading. To help this process I have great tips on hair prep here

I always recommend banking on the longer time frame when it comes to considering quotes. I pride myself on producing quality work and want you walking away with high quality dreads at the end of the day. 

7.5 hours

12 hours or so (spread out)

62 dreads - 14.5 hours

8 hours

Full head creation with Human hair extensions

Depending on the quality (AA – AAA) and length of human hair prices range … See Here for further details 

Synthetic options are available to. Below are all creations with Human Hair

43 dreads with extn's - 14 hours

50 dreads with extn's - 14 hours

63 dreads with extn's - 20 hours

Around 12 hrs with extn's

37 dreads with extn's - 14 hours

Around 12+ hrs with extn's

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