This is one of THE most crucial steps on your loc journey, so listen closely…

When I (many, many years ago) got my first head of loc’s, I really didn’t think about what I was getting myself into.

I blindly threw myself into getting dreads, without much thought and as a result they didn’t turn out well, nor did they stand the test of time! They matted, they were a big boofy mess and I cut them right off within the year!

I feel like this is the case for many who have good intentions prior to creating their dreadlocks!

I have discovered on this very short journey in loc creation – that others too don’t REALLY realize the commitment they are getting themselves into when they want these ‘cool looking dreads’

So, Here’s some insight of what to expect prior to your dreadlock creation, let us begin at the beginning shall we?…

The road prior to locking your hair, is just as important as the one during the process of creation.

It’s important that your hair hair a gentle transition period pre locks, in order for your hair and scalp to adjust to the changes.

It’s recommended that at least 8 weeks prior to stop all use of chemicals on the hair (preferably sooner even!)

So, if you like to die your hair with chemical colours, stop doing so a few months prior, give you hair and scalp time to breath and return into it’s natural state.

This goes without saying – If you are an avid, gel/wax/leave in conditioner type person, then hate to say it stop using these things at least 6/8 weeks prior to your dreadlock sitting

It’s recommended that you use only Natural (organic if you wish) shampoos a few weeks prior to your sitting, I recommend to my clients only washing with shampoo a week before our sitting, IF your scalp is particularly oily wash with shampoo 3 days prior.

As a loctician we need the hair CLEAN and FREE OF RESIDUE and build up.

This helps us to lock up your hair faster, and it gives the best chance for your hair to knot naturally.

KEEP IN MIND – that it’s recommend NOT to get your loc’s wet for AT LEAST 3 weeks , 4 weeks even (depending on your method)

I use the term I coined, Comb n hook method ( back combing and crochet locking) and with this method, it knots up the hair a lot faster then waiting for the dreadlocks to ‘mature’.

I suggest to my clients not to wet the hair AT LEAST 2 weeks after our sitting. This gives the hair a good start on their journey.

SO, what ever method you choose to get when dreadlocking, REMEMBER


AND be prepared to not get your hair wet for AT LEAST 3 weeks after your dreadhead creation!

Hope this helps, until next time

Tulletha, x



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