Drum-raiser for Rhythm re-connect

Hey Drum Family and beyond! Thanks for checking out this page. Welcome to Rhythm Re-Connect my new community venture.

As some of you are aware, I have a keen interest in West African drum and dance.

In Oct 2018 I discovered the beauty of West African drum and dance. After the first workshop with my teacher, Robert ‘Koffie’ Fugah, I was absolutely ‘sold’ on the drumming thing and brought myself a drum (Aroha, meaning ‘love’ in my native language – pictured below)

That year was a particularly hard one for me, I had just said a physical goodbye to my mother who died from cancer

Aside from that, life felt really hard.

I’m so thankful to have Re-Connected and rediscovered the power of music, dance and movement to help me through

African drum & dance has been a powerful tool for me for inner transformation, personal development and has opened the door of connection to an amazing community nationwide

Every time I drum or move to the rhythmic beats, I cant help but feel a shift internally, feel elevated, connected, to self and to source energy

During C19 lockdown in NZ in 2020, I decided to do my level 1 and 2 teacher training online through African Drumming Australia

And so, as we moved into 2021 I had hoped to share the teachings I have learnt and facilitate African drum/ dance & world music inspired classes…

Needless to say that didn’t  happened due to a variety of things (Namely restrictions and uncertainty)

HOWEVER ... 2022 is a new year AND with that being said, I'm asking for your support...


*August 2022 UPDATE!

We started classes in Feb and have been slowly gathering momentum since.

My aim is to continue to create a safe space to share African inspired rhythms and world music with one another in the community, helping others to find ways to reconnect with their own ‘inner’ rhythm!

Because we’re all born with rhythm !! It’s just a journey to letting it come through and becoming comfortable expressing and embodying it.

I’m appealing for your help (still)  I managed to rummage up some coin to buy in 5 djembe of varying size, however I need adult sized drums for adult participants!

In order to continue to carry out classes in 2022 I am also asking for assistance to maintain room hire coverage too, my classes are by koha of $10, depending on the week we barely cover costs.

I have decided that one way to do this is to seek community support – as a part time worker I simply don’t have the resources to acquire enough drums and room hire, for classes right now. I’m happy to give away my time for this, however time doesn’t cover bills (sadly)

I’m asking that if anyone can see the benefit of my offerings, and would like to donate to helping equip these classes, or contribute towards hall hire, then I would appreciate your support.

I’m aiming for a kit of 12 adult sized drums , eventually however right now I’m acquiring pieces as I go just to get this up and running!

Below is an image of the  kind of setup I’ll be looking at, for reference.

So what say you?

Are you keen on supporting?

There are 3 other ways you can help, read on below


The First option – Is to donate whatever you feel called to donate. ($5, $25, $250 it’s up to you!) This is a great option if you want to contribute to hall hire and support of weekly classes.

The second option is to donate a drum. By donating a drum you are helping all future students, participate in offerings. I’m even able to lazer engrave your name or family name on the drum!? How cool will that be?!

If you decide to take this option, I will also offer you 2 months complimentary access to the weekly classes as well (if you’re local)

The NEW third option is to consider joining my new online members platform ‘The ensemble’. It’s $11 NZD per month and you get access to video content we cover in our weekly class, you can also choose to make a donation there – keep in mind that platform takes 5% fee every donation I receive so I’d recommend just hitting donate button below, to avoid this 😉 

Thanks again for your support in whatever form it comes in, I truly am grateful 

I’m here first and foremost as a student of African drum + dance and secondly as a mentor to those who are wanting to discover it’s positive, transformational and soul lifting benefits

If you are keen on learning to play djembe and /or you’re ready to move your body to African and world rhythms, then I welcome you with open arms, to our classes and events.

I hope to drum, dance and sing with you soon,

Tulletha, x

How would you like to contribute?

Choose between the options below . And please reach out to me on the Social Media page Rhythm Reconnect If you’re Contributing towards a drum and 2 month pass to classes. 

I'm choosing a donation!

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I'm choosing a drum