For some, getting dreadlocks can be a big decision. Below are some frequently asked questions, that may be able to help you in the decision making process. I upload video’s on my Youtube channel too that will answers common questions as well.

frequently asked questions

This depends on three factors. The length of your hair, the conditions of your hair, and the thickness. It’s best to fill out the contact form, inform me of your hair and size dreads you’re after and I’ll send you a guideline based on the information you provide.

(Anywhere from 5 > 12+ hours)

It depends on your hair length, ease of dreading and your preference. Do you want to get it done and dusted, or over a set period of time? I personally broke my sessions up when I got my final head of dreads. In the past I have done full day sessions.

On a personal note as a creator – I only do a max of 5-6 hours in one day, that’s because it does take a physical toll on me. So for full head creations I usually do this over a weekend.

Otherwise from a financial point of view, I can do 2 hour blocks over a period of time to space out your sittings – let me know when you inquire, what will work best for you!

I do recommend revisiting me after the first wash or at around 6 weeks post creation to really firm up the locks and tidy loose ends and then letting them sit for 3 months to settle. After that, maintenance sessions can be every 3 months to tidy regrowth.

Again this depends on whether you want to do so in one sitting, or broken up. It also depends on the length, thickness and condition of your hair. Some hair knots up fast and easily other types not so much.

I don’t offer set head prices like other dreadlock makers. Each head has a specific quote. I do this via email 

Reach out by filling in a contact form, I’ll email you back and request more info (like photos of your hair) and offer you a quote , so lets chat!

This is a really interesting question! If you choose to seek out a professional for any service, you expect to pay them for their skills and time, right? Have you ever gone to a doctor, plumber or a mechanic and questioned why they charge X amount? Maybe, you trust they have what it takes to do the job, or you go else where – yes?

Locticians charge a rate they feel comfortable with charging. I base mine off of skills, time, outgoings and resources to learn and execute my craft (at the moment my prices are in the lower range of what professional dread makers charge in Aotearoa, NZ. This of course will change over time)

It’s your choice who you choose to go with at the end of the day.

Reach out by filling in a contact form, I’ll email you back and request more info (like photos of your hair) and offer you a quote , so lets chat!

From experience, it is the most effective way to lock up dreads. The dreads you walk away with from me, will look and feel like more mature dreads right from the get go. 

I pride myself in high end dreadlocks, I loc up my dreads 90% , some other locticians will only partially loc the dread.

I ensure your loc’s are given the best start in life, so do a thorough job at the start. It may take longer in the beginning, however you will benefit greater in the long run!

I find crochet loc’s easier to maintain, and they look great!

I choose this method over all others! 

Great question! I thought the same!

If you use the hook wisely and with great technique, there is no breakage. It’s a matter of hooking the hair back into itself, so if done well your hair will be left whole!

Crazy adding this question in here because if you are looking to dread, then you will know the answer to this! BUT I’ll share my thoughts here anyway.

YES – and please do! I recommend using only natural shampoos,or soap bars on your scalp BUT if you are someone who gets bad dandruff and just HAS to rely on that darn head n shoulders, then so be it!

I like to use natural essential oil hair sprays to freshen up my locs, I can give you tips on that in our session.

The only time when I recommend you NOT washing your hair – is AT LEAST 2 weeks after you have them created. Your locks need time to establish, so I advise not getting them wet for 2/3 weeks after a loc session. (That’s when the spray comes in handy!)

YES! I can do, I have created my own from synthetic hair. I chose synthetic due to the cost, (it’s cheaper) but would have preferred human hair.

If you were wanting extensions it’s worth checking out the information here. 

I ask that a non refundable down payment for extensions to be put down first, to guarantee your commitment and so I can order in your color and have them made before our session together.

Having dreads means you have permission to get creative right!?

I am happy to thread beads and wraps on yours should you provide the resources! (I will look into creating my own for purchase one day!)

I have placed some of my late mothers beads in my locks, as memory of her – and to funk them up a little!

One thing I will say – wait for at least 3 months for your hair to form before you pop beads on, it just gives them time to firm up and stops them from creating soft spots in your loc’s.

It’s also important to move them around often, or take them out when washing – as mold may build up under the bead/wrap over time!