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Firstly thanks for choosing me to create your locs, and start you on the dread journey. I appreciate your support as a small business it means a lot! Below are some instructions and video content to help support you with preparing your hair for dreading

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Hair preparation instructions

It's super important that you take the following into account prior to getting your dreads created. The reason, because it could drastically decrease creation time (bonus for us both!) and it will give your dreads THE BEST start in life! I use the crochet hook method which means all hair types can be dreaded with relative ease, however those course, dry hair types typically lock up faster compared to soft, silky and oily hair. Keep this in mind 😉

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What to expect in the first few months

Tips for new dreadheads


It's important that the hair is clean prior to creation. I request washing the hair only with shampoo bar or a natural residue free shampoo the day before your sitting.

I also recommend washing only with a baking soda paste on the scalp and doing an apple cider vinegar rinse 1 - 2 weeks prior to getting dreads created.

The age old myth of salty sea hair is good for dreading. Yes and no. Having salt built up in dreads can sometimes lead to dread rot, as it builds up inside the hair bundle. I would personally avoid chances of this occurring, so advise clients not to get hair wet in ocean UNTIL the hair is fully locked or at the very least thoroughly rinse hair after surfs/swims.


Avoid using products, conditioners, temporary dyes and any residue forming product in your hair for at least 6 / 8 weeks in the lead up to your appointment. The longer the better!

Dyed hair

Avoid any dyes or chemical processing of your hair for AT LEAST 2 months (I prefer 6 months though lol) prior to getting dreads. From my experience dreading brittle, weak, damaged hair is a less than ideal experience for the wearer. I have literally watched hair fall off in the palm of my hand after severe bleaching!

Dry your hair

It's important that the hair is fully dry prior to dread creation, so avoid washing your hair just before your appointment. Having damp hair will slow down the locking process

Style , Maintenance , Hair care

Now that you have an idea of what to do prior to your sitting, I recommend flicking through any photos of styles you like the look of via email so I can get an idea of the 'look' you might like to embody. In terms of maintenance and hair care I have a full run down of what to do after creation - upon any completion with me all clients (who pay full price) receive a complimentary after care pack which includes a detailed rundown of hair care and recommended time frames for maintaining dreads for the best start in their life!

Here's some other helpful info

Check out the videos below that shed some light about what to consider prior to getting dreadlocks

choosing dread size

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Dealing with dandruff

Soft look dreads

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Synthetic vs Human Hair

crochet hooked locs

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