If you haven’t caught the last post I covered information on synthetic hair, so head over to the last blog to get caught up there!

For now let’s cover Human Hair…

Well its pretty straight forward really. It feels like natural hair, sits like natural hair, is softer and not as stiff once made into dreadlocks. 

It can be dyed darker. It is a bit lighter to embody less weight on the scalp. It also drys like your own hair, unlike synthetic fiber. And obviously can be dyed. 

Depending on the grade of hair will depend on the quality. (I get in A grade and AAA grade.) 

Some human hair is heavily chemically processed. Some brands may say “Virgin REMY” which means not touched, virgin hair straight from the head – which in most cases on the market, is not correct. 

From my current understanding, Almost all companies on the market can’t 100% concluded that their hair is ethically sourced either. Keep this in mind when purchasing hair or considering wearing human hair. 

The human hair trade is at large an unregulated industry

There’s lots of dodgy behavior that goes on around the world, I’ve shared a great small film explaining this on my social platforms a couple times, scroll over there to find it 😉 

Hair holds memories, and depending on how spiritually minded you are you may wish to consider this element when making your choice of product to embody. 

Some people feel comfortable wearing hair gifted to them from family or close friends. 

To check to see if your hair is truly human hair, a trick is to check the cut of the hair, often tapered hair is legit vs straight cut, you may find the odd grey hair in the mix, if you burn a small sample, it should smell like sulfur and burn slowly. Synthetic smells like plastic and burns up (melts) quickly. 

If you find plastic strands in the bundles it may be lesser quality and mixed between human and synthetic, sometimes brands mix to cut their costs (not professional) 

The price point on human hair is substantially different, depending on the grade and where you source it from. Often it’s the more expensive price compared to synthetics. You could be paying anywhere upwards of $400+ nzd for a full head of hair for dreads, that’s not including installation and hair creation. 

Now I’ve shared info on two hair type options for extension or braid ins, which do you prefer and why? 

Tulletha, x


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