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So you're keen on maintaining dreads for friends or loved ones?

Have you been roped in to work on your partners dreads? Or maybe you have a close friend or even child with dreads that you are willing to help maintain!?

Or maybe YOU personally want to stretch out your maintenance appointments by learning how to do your own.

In this video series you will learn the KEY techniques and tips, (that are straight to the point) with the essential information you need to use the crochet hook safely on your ( or your loved ones) dreadlocks. Helping you get started on the at home maintenance journey. 

I share only the techniques that I use and in a way that won’t over complicate things.

Check out the video topics below and I’ll see you in the bundle!

What's in the bundle?

In this video series you will learn:

How to safely use a crochet hook and methods to avoid injuring yourself whilst using the hook

Methods of maintenance that don’t require using any physical tools.

How to maintain roots of dreads, in the least painful way (perfect for sensitive scalps)

Methods of maintenance that don’t require, wax, gels or chemicals.

The most common and useful tools for maintaining dreads at home.

Tips on general dreadlock care.


6 KEY dreadlock videos

plus 3 bonus videos

"I really appreciate your dreadlock course. I now have the confidence to do it myself, with detailed,clear instructions and tips. I like how the course is separate in specific sections so I can easily find what i'm looking for. I really like the tone and how it is presented in a supportive way!"
Happy customer

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After you purchase - You will be sent an email with the link to the videos and password for entry

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ONLINE CONTENT + Comb , Crochet Hook, Dread tie, Dread sock and bundle of Practice hair

  • Lifetime access to video series
  • Access to future video upgrades
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the fine print...

refunds, exchanges... oh my!

Refunds. Dare I mention the word! I’m not here to beat around the bush. I don’t encourage indecisiveness.

I encourage self empowerment, taking aligned action and motivate my clients to follow through with these actions.

I’m in business to impact positively, while making money! I suggest if you’re ‘not sure’ about whether you can/should purchase this bundle now, then best to wait till a time you ARE 100% SURE.

In saying this- if the glove really is not a good fit for you, after your purchase, I’m not going to ask you to stay – don’t want resentful energy in my tribe right?!! If you really have not benefited from this content email me within the first  2 hours of purchase and let’s discuss your options.

Just as a note though, when you work with me in ANY capacity, you’re in and committed. I hold high energetic standards about the people I work with, I trust you understand this and that you’re a good fit for any and all of the programs, courses and bundles I offer, in person and online.

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Meet the creator

tulletha jane


What's My Story?

Assuming you have been engaging with my work already (why else are you here right!?) I’ll keep this intro brief!

I’m a three time dreadhead! Three attempts to have the kind of dreads I most desire! This time around I have crochet hooked locs and I LOVE THEM!

I am a self taught loctician, using the natural method of comb & hook technique to create and maintain luscious dreads!

I’m also a  certified self development coach, helping people shift their state to create a life they most desire. I’m an ‘inner alchemist’, A hand drum facilitator and west African drum & dance enthusiast , a workshop facilitator and so much more!  #allthethings