Other dread service options

Dread removal and comb outs

There may come a time where you no longer need, want your dreads, so what can you do? Is cutting the dreads the only option!? NOPE it most certainly isnt, there are a few options if wearing your dreads has done it's time. Shaving them off is the most obvious, however you can under cut, mohawk, top knot them for a while or if you're 100% committed to letting them go, you can brush them out! Depending on how long they have been established for. If you choose to shave them off, I recommend you keep the dreads in a snap lock bag for the future, just in case you want to re attach of give them away to a loved one in the future!

KNotted or matted hair

I can also offer matted hair comb outs. sometimes normal loose hair gets tangles and becomes hard to manage, after a while matted up in to sections on the head. I am able to offer assistance in combing out these hair mats. All you'll need is a little patience, time and pain tolerance as it will involve pulling of the hair at times.

interested in learning more?

If you fit the above pictures, please feel free to reach out to me by hitting the button below and let's see how we can remedy your situation. I'll be happy to help where I can!

Be a part of the inner circle!

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