What are the key differences? What are the pro’s and con’s?

And the most asked question of all, what are the price differences?

Of course I can only share from my own experience, but here’s some info that may be helpful for you if you’re considering either braid in dreads or extending your hair using synthetic fibres

Synthetic hair is essentially plastic. It’s made up of fine, coloured fibers that look like hair. It typically comes in a variety of colours that human hair is not naturally available in (like rainbow ombre as an example) 

Keep in mind because it is plastic some brands are not tolerant of high temperatures. Straightening irons are often out of the picture! – also keep in mind the use of hairdryers on synth hair (and sitting too close to fire places and open flame!) 

Synthetic hair is consequently cheaper to purchase, there are different quality’s available of course.

I use high quality, high temperature tolerant, Kanekalon fiber. 

Once dreaded it can sit a bit more stiffly on the head. It is heavier and can sometimes feel un natural when touched. It however can LOOK like real hair. I have noticed over the years that I have worn synthetic extensions that the tips can gather lint build up, especially on blunt tips. 

It also doesn’t hold water like human hair, it runs off the fibers rather than soaking into the hair. Good or bad? You decide.

What’s the cost, well its usually a lot cheaper than human hair!

I can’t speak for all dreadlocticians about prices as we individually charge what we charge, however a full head creation using synthetic hair (depending on length/colour etc) could be around $250 – $500 nzd depending on where you go. 

Can you wash your synthetics, YES and please do. (I have to say I had mine extended for a year and cut them little by little, and afterwards could smell the sweat build up in the fibre EVEN after good hygiene habits) 

To be cont… next time well talk about Human hair.

Tulletha, x



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