Crazy adding this question in here because if you are looking to get dreads then you will probably know the answer to this! BUT I’ll share my thoughts here anyway.

YES – and please do!

I recommend weaning yourself off a few months prior to OCD hair washing 😉 every few days as it will help the transition faze when you first get dreads.

Here’s what I recommend:

Only use natural shampoos that are residue free, or soap bars on your scalp.

BUT if you are someone who gets really bad dandruff and just HAS to rely on that darn head n shoulders, then so be it! (I highly recommend looking into naturopathy to help the gut and help your dandruff situation) 

I like to use natural essential oil hair sprays with apple cider vinegar to freshen up my locs in between washes. (also good for those who work out and sweat a lot)

Washing your hair every couple of days will become a thing of the past… (There’s a fantastic scalp spray over at made by The Dread shed that will help you with this, go check it out!)

The only time when I recommend you NOT washing your hair – is AT LEAST 3 weeks after you have them created.

Your locks need time to establish, keeping them dry is a big part of that process , so I advise not getting them wet for 4 weeks after your dread session. (That’s when the spray comes in handy!) But sometimes the 4 week mark is a stretch for folks!

I’ve created a video about dread washing tips over on my YouTube channel so head over and check that out too it covers a bit more than what I have shared here.

We’ll talk about drying hair in the next post… what questions do you have when it comes to getting dreads? 

Tulletha, x


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